Sunday, March 10, 2013

"We are blockaded by illusion that we are required to participate, and conform to the established paradigm of a certain enslavement to become successful. Nature offers no such programming and instead 'Success' is certain peace and stillness that mirrors our essence.  We cannot exist in any true term of success without a constant understanding of Nature, of how it is actually us, designed for this purpose to fortify us and brings us into absolute wisdom.  Remote dwelling now, in this island of Bali, will offer some of this fortitude, yet we still function within many systems of compliance that will not let go of our wholesome attentions. Partial natural habitation is available but not in it's entirety, we are all monitored and required to engage in expectations of authoritative alluded powers which, now, is more important then ever to bring true Nature within our lives to achieve real balance."

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