Sunday, March 10, 2013

"Balance, our species offers little balance and it very often suggests that to find balance is within ourselves, to achieve success, is to arrive at our only true identity, the self, being whom God is. The Human species does not subscribe in a collective understanding but instead embraces the individual journey that is not given to strength and fortitude.  Nature is our true teacher and need be, the only 'true' school, as it was in past history and rather intermittently.  So, here we stand, once in a moment a semblance of security, or enlightenment, a time of momentary oneness with God, all the while the definition of God is all of us, all of life, the complete Universe, 'One Voice' so collective in it's nature as to not view a single entity apart from it's unity of purpose and expression.  This message, in it's simplicity is lost to so many, as a term of the 'Human Condition' is invented to illustrate the fractured reality that is so common.  I have no solution, it is too far away for me to grasp, so I return to 'Nature' to dwell in it's truth, to live or to pass, within it's embrace with great difficulty, approaching a time when I must return to so much illusion."

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