Wednesday, March 13, 2013

"Banyan Trees are viewed as natural temples in Bali, they are generally very huge, and with a canopy that stretches into the sky."  I have been all over the island on small roads, remote areas, deep river valleys and the overall majority of these trees are on what they refer to as 'Banjar Community' areas.  The elevated hills with marvelous views are few with an incredible three hundred sixty degree views, are also temples. I have discovered an extremely large Banyan tree that is not a temple, and a couple of hills with an overview of to dream about that is not entirely a temple and may be used as dwellings, including an ocean view from a great distance. They wait for action, for our decisions to transform them to some of the best views on the island in keeping with fairly close access to infrastructure supplying weekly or daily shopping. Little or no vehicle traffic, with a truly peaceful environment factoring in security, additional neighbors with assistance to communication and services that will be considered in a multi-dwelling facilities that are attracted to folks whom are not interested in a 'solo' living experience...

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