Wednesday, March 13, 2013

"Banyan Trees are viewed as natural temples in Bali, they are generally very huge, and with a canopy that stretches into the sky."  I have been all over the island on small roads, remote areas, deep river valleys and the overall majority of these trees are on what they refer to as 'Banjar Community' areas.  The elevated hills with marvelous views are few with an incredible three hundred sixty degree views, are also temples. I have discovered an extremely large Banyan tree that is not a temple, and a couple of hills with an overview of to dream about that is not entirely a temple and may be used as dwellings, including an ocean view from a great distance. They wait for action, for our decisions to transform them to some of the best views on the island in keeping with fairly close access to infrastructure supplying weekly or daily shopping. Little or no vehicle traffic, with a truly peaceful environment factoring in security, additional neighbors with assistance to communication and services that will be considered in a multi-dwelling facilities that are attracted to folks whom are not interested in a 'solo' living experience...

Monday, March 11, 2013

"While exploring the back roads, and trails around the northern region of Bali, up on Gunung Kintamani and on it's slopes of this wondrous volcano, I occasionally get the chance to find an orchid, sometimes on a coconut palm, or a huge and fabulous Banyan tree. In this case this beauty was well within range of my camera and produced a most grateful capture on record.  There were more of the same orchid in bloom on the same tree and just stunning in numbers that went unnoticed by anyone whom forgets to 'look up.'

"Hold still now, there it is, yep, it's a stick, umm, stuck a little bit, here it comes now, yep, got it" 
"Kokokan, or commonly called 'Cattle Egrets' are common in Bali and can be viewed frequently fling in a 'V' formation all over the island in their morning sojourns and evening as they return from feeding. The skies are always their realm and may be seen most anytime in the rice fields picking their way around the grassy rice stems in search for small frogs and eels.  I never liked or approved of either names for these wondrous creatures, instead a name more appropriate may be perhaps...'Cloud Phoenix.'

"Island life...Bali, with it's various elevations beginning with sea level, and progressing north from Kuta beach to the mountains are varied in it's temperatures, the further up in elevation we may go. Never that far from a variety of beaches but in the high country it is much cooler and the views are fabulous. It has been my passion to explore areas that offer small properties with the greatest views. So important are the sunrises and the sunsets and if possible with a beautiful composition of open skies. For now the opportunities are available for these properties as few people are aware of them, Bali's best kept secrets are not Ubud, Sanur or Canggu, it instead land without names in the highland jungles."

Sunday, March 10, 2013

"Sunrise, Sunset, Sunrise, and Sunset each day a new composition, and essential to listen, see, and understand the language of peace and love. It is always just in front of our senses, even in the crowds and traffic of our Human comings and goings.  Ubud, and all points between this village with regards to the airport, no longer offers a pleasant experience. We occasionally must travel through these areas but indeed need not dwell near it. Ubud also has lost it's silence, it's flavor tainted and yet further up the mountain is clear and without wall to wall, walls. These areas are now the sought after locations, deemed in certain value, empty of mass circuitry of flowing noises, smoke, plastic and reckless disregard. Haven, exists in Bali, still and abundantly as this presentation does offer."
"We are blockaded by illusion that we are required to participate, and conform to the established paradigm of a certain enslavement to become successful. Nature offers no such programming and instead 'Success' is certain peace and stillness that mirrors our essence.  We cannot exist in any true term of success without a constant understanding of Nature, of how it is actually us, designed for this purpose to fortify us and brings us into absolute wisdom.  Remote dwelling now, in this island of Bali, will offer some of this fortitude, yet we still function within many systems of compliance that will not let go of our wholesome attentions. Partial natural habitation is available but not in it's entirety, we are all monitored and required to engage in expectations of authoritative alluded powers which, now, is more important then ever to bring true Nature within our lives to achieve real balance."
"Balance, our species offers little balance and it very often suggests that to find balance is within ourselves, to achieve success, is to arrive at our only true identity, the self, being whom God is. The Human species does not subscribe in a collective understanding but instead embraces the individual journey that is not given to strength and fortitude.  Nature is our true teacher and need be, the only 'true' school, as it was in past history and rather intermittently.  So, here we stand, once in a moment a semblance of security, or enlightenment, a time of momentary oneness with God, all the while the definition of God is all of us, all of life, the complete Universe, 'One Voice' so collective in it's nature as to not view a single entity apart from it's unity of purpose and expression.  This message, in it's simplicity is lost to so many, as a term of the 'Human Condition' is invented to illustrate the fractured reality that is so common.  I have no solution, it is too far away for me to grasp, so I return to 'Nature' to dwell in it's truth, to live or to pass, within it's embrace with great difficulty, approaching a time when I must return to so much illusion."