Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"These are the typical 'paved' roads into these areas 15 to 30 minutes north of Ubud village, away from close villages, or neighbors, no noise and limited traffic, just farmers and school children walking to and from their schools. I have to remind myself to keep an eye out for power lines, if not, then I have gone into this wonder land too far and have to backtrack (no power lines means no electric service and can dramatically reduce lease agreement prices). Stand by and wait for additional locations to come with an occasional intermission of a beautiful photo of an orchid or Bali children" 
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"This view is the 'back' area of the next view site below, and extends into a jungle view through the palms.  So this is a site that is big enough for two houses and car ports.  Only about thirty meters to a small paved lane road that is 15 or 20 minutes from Ubud.  This is a great spot with a view 'fore and aft,' sunset in the front and sunrise in the back!' "Just opening the windows for what to expect on these semi-remote house sites." 
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"Now, these areas are more north than Ubud village and much more affordable in a 'twenty year lease' category. The view is infinite and in the morning this 'view' is a sunrise with Mt. Agung in the 'center' of this photograph. This view is a 180 degree view of the south and west vantage with field terraces that changes up to three times in harvest every year. I will return here in the early morning for another photo of the sunrise." "As soon as possible I will be editing these sites with a twenty years lease contract factored in. There are no houses as yet but just land with a 'crazy' view. I am first locating these plots for the best available views, then will later fill in the details."
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"A great many sites are small with adajacent lands that can add up to an adequate home site with a garage port and entry lanes. This site has an enormous view space and a small paved road access. Newly discovered and about 15 minutes north of Ubud village." "This is an example of some property that hales a marvelous view"
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"View Locations soon to be 'installed' in this link, as it goes, the very best in remote havens, 'go quickly' and so I continue to discover 'new' ones with new photos and offerings"  "Off in the Mountains!"

Monday, August 22, 2011

"It is 'True' that the further 'up Slope' in the mountains and along river systems, offer the very best jungle experiences, views all the way to the ocean and by far less population density along with clear winds and breezes with by far less temperatures than on the lower altitudes.  These maps clearly illustrate the Airport, Denpensar, and Ubud village for reference."
"North of Ubud" (Out of the 'Green' zone on this map) is non developed in comparison to the (Tan zone) including Ubud village.  The further north, up slope towards higher elevation provides a less populated experience, peaceful environment, security, and views extraordinary as future photos will illustrate in this presentation.  Amed Beach area is easier accessed from the 'Slopes' than returning to Ubud and Gianyar through dense traffic.  Ubud village access is down hill and between twenty minutes or longer from the 'Slopes' area destination, by automobile."
"Bali...Island of the Gods..Introduction with Ubud as our 'Point of Origin' and will illustrate how the price of this village region has become very expensive and has been inundated with traffic that makes it unappealing to a peaceful environment.  Now-a-days we can observe Ubud to Denpasar a wholly urbanized crowded area that lacks in appeal and the new direction is further up the mountain...gradually.  Many areas are already on the slopes of the mountains for magnificent views as our target and goal, from ten minutes or more travel time, from Ubud village."

"BALI MYSTIC VIEW" (Properties)

"Expedition in Bali...To go where not many have ventured to be...To discover 'peace' and a 'Mystic View' of the island from the Jungle to the mountains and from within an orchid.  Discovering a 'home,' even if a bit of distance away, far from the crowd, away from noises, where we and you can view 'magnificence' and sunsets with the sunrise.  They are 'out there' those secluded properties, the ones we dream of, to be at home in, to see not just distance, but into the Universe!"